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Custom Animations

Over the years we have created many custom animations. Virtually any idea you have we can create. We are only limited by the figures that are available in "O" or “HO” scale. In addition to this, we can adapt units for any installation situation. Additional brackets set at any depth, or the combination of existing units together are possible. Some units can be built in a shallow case as small as 5/8" deep to install on top of your layout.

For those of you with large layouts we also have units such as the Man Flying a Kite, and a Crane lifting a Billboard into place. And now a Collision Scene and a 1950’s Drive-In Movie complete with a built-in DVD player. These units require additional space above and below the layout. Pricing is based on the magnitude of the animation. Please inquire by email or telephone if you are interested or if you have an idea you want us to develop.