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  #012 - Track Crew
#012 - Track Crew
#012 - Track Crew


  • Requires a 8 1/4'' x 6 1/8'' Opening
  • Arttista Pewter Hand Painted Figures
  • Berkshire Valley Oxy-Acetylene Rig
  • Solid State Electronics
  • Realistic Erratic Blue Welding Flash
  • Vibrating Sledgehammer Operator
  • Suethe Smoke Unit
  • 12 volt AC Operation
  • Quick Connect Terminals for Fast Wiring

Track Crew
Gargraves track section fits perfectly on a siding or spur.  Get the best of both worlds as this piece combines our popluar Arc Welder and the Construction Crew in a railroad setting. The jackhammer operator breaks up and "tamps" the ballast between the rails while the welder "cuts" the track rail.  Includes operating Arc Welder with smoke and jackhammer operator.  Can be customized with any track to match your railroad.  Fully landscaped. Easy installation

This unit includes two separate sound sets. Jackhammer sounds work in conjunction with the mechanical action of the jackhammer operator. The "track crew" and "cutting torch" sounds operate all the time. There are separate volume controls for each sound set.

Price:  $619.00 includes shipping