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  #026 - Railcam
#026 - Railcam


  • Wireless operation
  • Color picture and sound
  • Operates on layouts powered by AC transformer
  • Mounted on an "O" Gauge flat car
  • Built in rechargeable Ni-cad battery pack
  • Includes Railcam flatcar, video receiver, AC adapter, A/V cables, coaxial cable, and operating manuals


The Railcam is a wireless color TV camera with audio that allows you to watch or videotape your railroad in action. Imagine being small enough to ride in a train on your layout. What does it look like as you travel along the rails through tunnels, industry, cities, and country? See "O" scale as never before as you get a bird's eye view of the towns you've created and see accessories operate up close. And now for the first time, hear those fantastic Railsounds, Protosounds, Crewtalk, and Towercom announcements. Stage an entire show, record it, and play it back anywhere. Create a videotape and send it to family and friends who may in the past have never been able to see your train layout operate. Send the signal to your computer and burn the video on a CD. The Railcam transmits audio and video to any television in your home. The possibilities are endless.

Price:  $311.00 includes shipping