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  #027 - Animated Baseball Field

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  • Pewter baseball figures
  • Pewter dugouts for home and visiting teams with players
  • Five animated players
  • Three illuminated outfield light towers
  • Illuminated scoreboard customized with your name
  • Outfield wall with footage indicators and "old time" signs
  • Home and visiting bleachers with seated hand-painted spectators
  • Dual digital sound units
  • Remote control panel with 6' cord for full-function control
  • Five motors control action with brass and steel mechanisms
  • Perforated angle brackets for flush layout mounting
  • Completely landscaped - 25" x 25" overall size


Animated Baseball Field
This animation creates the realism of an actual baseball game. Experience the sights and sounds of America's favorite pastime. Join the crowd in the occasional "cheer" as the umpire yells "strike". Here the hot-dog vendor calling "get your hot dogs". Five animated players include the batter, pitcher, center fielder and 1st and 3rd base runners. The batter actually swings his bat. The pitcher raises and lowers his arms as he winds up to pitch. The center fielder drifts back to the wall to catch a fly ball. The runners on first and third base take leads as they move back and forth. A cable connected remote panel provides control over the player action, sounds and the outfield light towers and scoreboard lighting. Detail like you've never seen before in an animation. Overall measurements are 25" x 25". This is a custom built piece that must be pre-ordered in advance. There is a 50% deposit required at the time the order is placed. There is an 8-12 week delivery.

Price:  $2059.00

Pick-up only. Shipping may be arranged for an extra fee, please call.