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  #033 - Motorized Piggyback Transportation Set
#033 - Motorized Piggyback Transportation Set
Watch Video
Watch Video
includes Postwar Lionel #460
(w/ customer
supplied #460)

  • Dual high-torque motors drive lifting mechanism and rotation of forklift truck
  • Six foot cable with controls for rotation and lift
  • Operate forklift truck clockwise or counter-clockwise
  • AC adapter included for 110 volt operation

Motorized Piggyback Transportation Set

We have motorized the Lionel postwar #460 Piggyback Platform from the 1950’s. With only slight modifications to the original design you can now remotely locate this accessory anywhere on your layout for realistic operation. A small opening in your layout is required. This accessory is now very exciting to operate. You can rotate the forklift truck clockwise or counter-clockwise with the rocker switch on the control panel. Lift and lower the truck with the pushbutton on the supplied control panel. Order two or three units for a real trucking operation!

Price: $419 includes Postwar Lionel #460
         $345 with customer supplied #460